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Millenium Metal

Oh boy! All is written in Finnish here! All credist, the booklet, lyrics, they have all webpage written in Finnish too. If not the international standards I would get lost in their homepage. I have got this promo straight from the band from the land of thousand lakes, Finnland of course. The label which released that CD is Finnish label Firebox Records: they are promoting Finnish bands palying the various genres of ambitious music: doom, neofolk, and many others.

Kamara doesn't perform any genre of doom, their music is full of energy, despite they don't play typical metal. "Tamakin Viela" is a 20 minutes lenght, containing 5 tracks minialbum, their music I may call crossover. Thrashy guitars are joining hardcore elements, punk tunes and rock and roll feeling. All these elements are boling in Kamara'a melting pot and the result is fresh, catchy music bursting out with full of energy. Every song here is a hit. Heavy guitars are mixing with catchy tunes and effect means great. There are not so catchy melodies like Therapy? or Bad Religion are performing, the music is heavier than their. Kamara's music is rather simple composed, it means advantage here. The sound is heavy, there are no virtuoso solos. Their music have caught my balls, yeah! The opening track "Hohto" is a killer with a supem melodic chorus and third song here - the title track - attacks with thrashy guitars and shouting vocals. Last, there are Finnish lyrics and I like it.

So, I am waiting for their first full album, their 20 minutes have shown me their music is not boring and quite interesting. I recommend "Tamakin Viela" to everybody who doesn't fear a word "crossover" and doesn't fear joining metal with hardcore and rock feeling.




9.02.13 Pub Katse, Jyväskylä, w/ Darkened Souls

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